This 12 credit face to face course provides the clinician , Play therapist with the structure of a trauma assessment as well as tools to identify trauma symptoms and treatment goals after a trauma has been verified by a third party such as child welfare or police / court services. 

Participants attend two 6 hour training days but have access to this learning management system for resources. 

This 12 credit course provides the counselling clinician and play therapist with the healing structure of life story work for children who are or have been in the foster care system. 

This 4 credit course is created for the clinician who works with foster /adoptive families. Foster /adoptive families provide care to vulnerable children whose world view is often that they can trust no one. These children often also come with a complex trauma history. This can be both an exhausting and inspiring parenting journey. A clinician can support the process or undermine the process if they do not anticipate the triangulation that often occurs as a self care strategy. The course will then review the 4 S's which is a trauma focused parenting model. Participants are encouraged to purchase the book : Adopting a Child with a Trauma and Attachment Disruption History: A Practical Guide Paperback – Nov 1 2011 (